Waketime Painting

Wake time is a phrase coined by Peter several years ago to describe his attempt to chronicle the day to day events that challenge modern aboriginal Australia.

I believe the times we live in forge the lessons and wisdom of future generations.

As in the Dreamtime great and terrible events occurred which shook and built our world. Stories passed down over a hundred millennia gifted our people with knowledge, understanding and respect. From these qualities developed our high moral code that has served our people for so long.

My desire is for our people to live their busy modern lives with the same dignity and honour as did our forefathers.

Wake time reminds us that we are each charged with the responsibility of Eldership for the future.

“We must remember how great we were, So as to ignite the flame of future greatness”

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Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

Waketime Paintings & Stories