Indigenous Knotting Painting

Peters own unique creation; “Indigenous Knotting” is born of his mixed heritage. Indigenous knotting is a grafted form of Indigenous Aboriginal Art and Celtic Knotting. Indigenous Knotting symbolises connection to land, spirit and all of creation.

These two ancient cultures have been bound together through a myriad of historical experiences.

The Celts had there own mythology, while we in Australia have our Ancient Aboriginal Dreaming. This then flowed on to the English invasion and occupation of both lands. These two great people have shared a love of music and art, while never loosing their deep connection to the land and spirit.

Peters deep and strong held beliefs, that the positive message from all this is seen in modern Irelands new found pride of its ancient heritage and contempory culture.

As our experiences have so many times before crossed paths it will again, and our people will too experience a revival of culture and spirit.

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Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

Indigenous Knotting Paintings & Stories