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That which binds us Symbolic Painting

The space between us, is as equally important as the space we occupy. This space is what binds us to the all.

Symbolic Painting Stepping Stones

We must remember, all that was, still exists simply awaiting a level or understanding worthy of its return.

Symbolic Painting Layers

This represents our cultural depth and complexity.Spirit merging as one, with the mental and the physical.

First impact Symbolic
Fingerprints Symbolic Painting

Australian Aboriginal Art


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New Paintings

That which binds us
That which binds us Symbolic painting by Muraay Djeripi
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones Symbolic painting by Muraay Djeripi
Layers Symbolic painting by Muraay Djeripi

Aboriginal Artist

Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

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This accomplished aboriginal artist is committed to culture while his signature fine lines, exquisite attention to detail and deep and stirring stories continue to set him apart.

Peter Mulcahy is a Gamilaroi man, his family originated from the area around Mungindi & Thalon on the Queensland NSW border. 15 years as a professional artist and his many years of learning from elders has developed him into a modern man that breaths life and relevance back into the Ancient stories of the Dreamtime. His new contemporary art works reflect the old in the new, the Ancient in the now.

Muraay Djeripi, Peters Indigenous names translates to Sulphur Crested White Cockatoo and free Flying Spirit. The White Cockatoo is the story teller and uniter of Tribes. This in itself sums up Peters life's work.

Peter Mulcahys' passion is infectious, at the core of all he paints, writes and speaks is the desire to reach his audience with teachings and knowledge he has gained from Elder and Spirit. Aboriginal Art

Muraay Djeripi’s contemporary art works are predominantly of a very fine figurative style. This style of work has not as yet received as wider recognition and publicity as the works of Central Australian traditional dot paintings.

Much of Muraay Djeripi’s work employs the use of flora and fauna from his traditional lands. (The northern lands of the Gamilaroi)

Peter Mulcahy's ( Muraay Djeripi ) art would be categorized into 5 sections.

  • Dreamtime art (creation time)
  • Historical paintings & artworks
  • Waketime (contemporary art works)
  • Indigenous Knotting (Aboriginal/Celtic)
  • Traditional art (also contemporary use of traditional)