Dreamtime Art

Dreamtime or Creation Time is the period when Baayama (God) and his ancestral Spirit Deity created and helps to shape the world we know today.

Dreamtime Stories are unique to an individual area describing the creation of the land its geographic conjures and waterways. These stories also tell of the creation of all living creatures.

Deep within these stories are held the ancient “Lore” of our culture.

Our morals, respect and beliefs all stem from our understanding of where and how we fit into the creation process. These stories guided and protects our people giving them identity and strength.

Many of my most recent paintings in this category have come from Elder Aunty June Barker. Aunty June and Uncle Roy are greatly respected elders and I appreciate the trust they place in me, with stories they have for so long been the keepers of.

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Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

Dreamtime Paintings & Stories