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Aboriginal Artist

Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy

Peter Mulcahy is a family man, who now lives in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. His family is number one and is the strong base which fires and Inspires him to share this rich culture, a culture which when respected unfolds for all to hear, see and touch.

Peter Mulcahy is an artist whos contemporary works are predominantly of a very fine figurative style. This style of Aboriginal Art has not as yet received as wider recognition and publicity as the works of Central Australian traditional dot.

Much of Peter Mulcahys' work employs the use of flora and fauna from his traditional lands. (The northern lands of the Gamilaroi)

The works of Peter Muraay Djeripi Mulcahy would be categorized into 5 sections.

  • Dreamtime (creation time)
  • Historical
  • Waketime (contemporary works)
  • Indigenous Knotting (Aboriginal/Celtic)
  • Traditional (also contemporary use of traditional)

All of Peters Dreamtime or Creation stories are given with the permission of the relevant elders. Many of Peter’s latest works in this category were given to him by the lovely and dignified Aunty June Barker. Aunty June Barker and her equally knowledgeable husband Uncle Roy live in the Opal town of lightning ridge, in northern NSW. It’s because of people like these Peter is able to share these ancient experiences with us all.

Historical works are our second category; these works include pre 1770 Fishing/hunting, ceremony through to post 1770 white occupation. Stories of Aboriginal defense and stories of Indigenous Massacres are all part of this country divided history and deserved recognition.

Wake time, is Peters own coined expression for his works which chronicles the current times, trial and celebrations of modern aboriginal culture. This work is diverse and explores all aspects of physical and spiritual teachings plus observation by the artist. Peter believes that this work is so important in acknowledging “the bringing back of culture”, “the returning of spirit” and the eventual unifying of modern Australia.

Indigenous Knotting is a style of innovation with Peter’s signature physical spiritual parallels. Peters own Irish /aboriginal blood lines spawned this original style. Irelands Ancient past speaks of its own dreamtime creation, mythic giants and great and turbulent times.

In its more recent past, it too felt the rod of English invasion, loss of land, language and culture. As always Peters work focuses on the end story, that good always triumphs, is paramount to his spiritual beliefs.

Traditional means many things to many people, to the Gamilaroi people it was works of art in story form painted on body, on the ground or carved into sacred trees.

These works use distinctive naive style of symbols and lines. Peter has attempted to create contemporary works with the inclusion of some symbols that help him identify with his particular region.

Peter wishes to speak in his own ancient figurative language. He believes this is part of the healing and strengthening of spirit.

Peter acknowledges the Dirria Murrie Unguu (the old grey hairs) ancestors in the spirit who have reveled ancient symbols to him in dreams and quite times.